ASAHI Pellet Hardness Tester


Pellet Hardness Tester AS-2000L


To be able to make easy operation, we have improved it from our previous model, AS-2000C.

Hardness and diameter measurement for spherical sample such as carbon black.
Conform to JIS K6219-3 (Supports ISO9842, ASTM D5230/D3313)

We removed 6 sample loader and changing sample loading method into pocket-loading system from vacuum-adsorption-loading. By doing this, AS-2000L achieves user-friendliness operation, down-sizing and ease of maintenance.
AS-2000L is able to collect only proper data which pre-determined sample size range by measuring the diameter of each pellet just before crushing the pellet. This future makes more accurate measuring. PC software also displays scatter chart (crashing load and pellet diameter) and load-displacement curve to get know more about data characteristic visually.



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Pellet Hardness Tester AHT-1000


AHT-1000 can observe the crushing process by image getting from CCD camera.

AHT-1000 adopts simple mechanism to cut down the measurement time for each sampling process such as loading, measuring and cleaning. The measuring for crushing load and pellet diameter are executed all together at sample crashing process. AHT-1000 is able to set various type of filtering condition to collect proper result automatically.
The embedded CCD camera take images whole process and user can confirm any point of image.