Illuminance Measurement System

Automatic Illuminance Measurement System, LMS-2


By towing the illuminance meter with an automobile, illuminance is measured and recorded for a fixed-distance interval. The photo shows the use at the Kansai Airport.

Conventional illuminance measurements of artificial illumination requires daytime surveying with the marking of measurement points; then, after dark, an illuminance meter is used to measure each surveyed site, point by point. When using the LMS-2 system, measurements are performed while the unit is towed by an automobile traveling at 20 km per hour. This apparatus thus shows its unique prowess especially for wide-area measurements. Also, by presetting measurement distances, data is automatically read into a personal computer, making data processing even easier. In the usage example shown above, work time was successfully reduced to less than one-tenth of that required for conventional methods.


Example Measurement Results